Work in progress

Electoral systems

  • “Changing the Rules of the Game: On the Causes and Consequences of Electoral Reforms in Contemporary Democracies”, book manuscript.
  • With Francisco Cantú “Electoral Systems and Ideological Voting”, under review.

Voting behavior

  • “El Voto Dual en España”, book manuscript.
  • With Amuitz Garmendia and Javier Lorenzo “Who do we Follow? Analyzing the Behavioral Variance of Twitter Users in Spain”, invited to revise and resubmit.
  • With Enrique García-Viñuela and José Rama “Protectionist Parties and Low-skilled Workers” (October 2020).

Political parties

  • With Marco Pastor “Cordons Sanitaires or Tainted Coalitions? The Electoral Consequences of Populist Participation in Government”, under review.
  • With Guillermo Fernández “It is no longer different: VOX and the entry of the far right in Spanish politics”, under review.

Public opinion

  • With Amuitz Garmendia “Radical Change? Territorial Polarization after Far Right’s Breakthrough in Spain”, under review.